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Es braucht viel mehr Pfingstmontage.

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Danke, Google, für die .zip TLD


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“ haben sie [die Ermittlungen] das Potenzial, ausgerechnet jene Personen der bürgerlichen Mitte von der Letzten Generation zu distanzieren, die diese Vereinigung vor einer Radikalisierung bewahren.”


Man kann endlich den machen!

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The and it’s speakers.

The and it’s speakers.

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TIL: “The lower limit on the chicken density function (CDF) of the observable Universe was recently determined to be approximately 10−21 chickens pc−3.”


My adventure in implementing :

With the support of I roughly understand how the protocol works and have a working implementation for at least and a json-LD conforming profile page.

There are some gaps in the structures, e.g. I can lookup my own user profile, @andreas@pramari.de, from microblog.pub, but not from mastodon.social yet. Obviously following does not yet work, although I have the data structures in place to store followers by profile.

Next up is the implementation of a mechanism to follow.

Who's going to "The Munich Product Conference 2023" Thursday this week in Munich?

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